Get Glowing By Treating More Then Just Your Wrinkles

Get Glowing By Treating More Then Just Your Wrinkles

Rediscover Aesthetics wants to get your skin ready just in time for Labor Day so you can enjoy a day out on the boat or by the pool celebrating how hard you work every day! Learn how to improve the tone & texture of your skin while getting your neurotoxin injections for a glowing & enhanced result. Hear from one of our recent clients about their experience. Learn about what we are now offering our blushing brides to be & of course, the mother of the bride!

Introducing…Tox Booster

We are so excited to introduce this new add on service to give you even better results from your neurotoxin injections. By doing a VI Peel right before your Botox or Xeomin injections, you are enjoying the benefit of better antibacterial protection & a numbing effect making your injections more comfortable. Even more, you are treating the skin on your WHOLE face rather than just targeting lines & wrinkles on your forehead & around your eyes. See the graphic below for details on our Tox Booster event with VI Peel expert Allison Ross. Let’s get you glowing!

Toxbooster Experience | Rediscover Aesthetics | Mandeville, LA

Introducing…Bridal Packages

Are you a Bride to be or a Mother of a bride/groom? Then, this is for you! We know how important it is to look your best on your wedding day, so we are introducing amazing bridal packages to get you picture perfect for your special day. You want your skin to have an even tone & texture, to be clear, & of course, to be glowing! The “I woke up like this” & “Glow Up” packages will target these issues. If you already have amazing glowing skin, but just want something a little extra, then the “Level Up” package is for you. This will diminish or even get rid of your wrinkles, give you the perfect pout for your first kiss as husband & wife, and even give you a little lift in your cheeks.

And that’s not all…you get free VI Peels or Microneedling sessions with the purchase of a package. That’s between $350-$700 in savings….Don’t miss out! See the graphic below for details on our bridal packages.

Bridal Packages | Rediscover Aesthetics | Mandeville, LA

Hot Springs, AR

We took a much needed family vacation to Hot Springs. It felt great to unplug a little bit, get in touch with nature, & spend time with the kids before school started. We hope you enjoyed your summer as much as we did!

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