Laser Spider Veins

Laser Spider Veins

Spider veins are shallow veins usually visible as red or purple and are commonly on the legs—our laser treatment targets spider veins on women and men. There are no incisions, downtime, and discomfort is minimal. Get instant results with quick and non-invasive treatment. The state-of-the-art lasers we use diminish spider veins and minimize the risk of blood clots and other complications from vein disease.

The advantages of this treatment include:

  • No general anesthesia
  • Decreased aches
  • Short recovery period
  • Minimal scarring
  • Low-risk treatment


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The lasers constrict blood vessels while preserving the health of the nearby tissues. Our lasers use the latest and most advanced technology to obliterate spider veins safely. We treat several areas of the body for optimal results. It’s the most effective method for treating and vanishing the appearance of aesthetically undesirable vascular lesions. Spider veins are a type of vascular lesion and depict inflamed blood vessels that show through the skin’s surface. They primarily appear on the face and legs.


Laser treatment for spider veins is a non-invasive procedure that uses targeted light energy to heat and damage the affected veins, causing them to collapse and eventually fade away. This procedure is often used for smaller spider veins, particularly those on the face or legs, and offers an effective and relatively painless alternative to more invasive procedures like surgery.

The common areas include small spider veins on the nose, cheeks, and upper and lower legs.

Most patients see the results a few months after treatment. You may see significant improvements within two to six weeks after treatment.

You’ll get permanent results from your spider vein treatment. Once your veins have been closed by the laser procedure, they won’t open, and the veins disappear permanently.

Most patients report feeling a mild stinging or burning sensation during laser treatment for spider veins. Although there may be some discomfort during the procedure, it is usually manageable, and topical numbing creams can be applied to lessen it. Afterward, some patients may experience temporary redness, swelling, or bruising in the treated area, but these side effects usually go away within a few days.

Yes. You might get redness, swelling, and altered pigmentation. These symptoms will subside a few days after the procedure. You may use a cold pack on the treated area to alleviate the symptoms.

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