Microneedling vs. Chemical Peel

Microneedling vs. Chemical Peel | Rediscover Aesthetic

The holidays are upon us…now is the time to rejuvenate your skin so you are shining as bright as the Christmas star. Microneedling & Chemical peels are a great way to brighten your complexion, soften lines & wrinkles, and even your skin tone. Also, see some before & after pictures of what a little bit of filler can do.

Microneedling vs. Chemical Peel

microneedling vs chemical peel before after la rediscover aesthetic                      microneedling vs chemical peel beforeafter la rediscover aesthetic



Microneedling with the FDA approved Rejuvapen NXT creates controlled micro-injuries to the skin, which stimulates your body to release healing factors to the sites of injury. This stimulates collagen & elastin production to improve firmness & elasticity. Microneedling delivers exceptional results for acne scarring, fine lines, sagging skin, sun & age spots, and enlarged pores. With only a 24 hour downtime, this treatment is convenient for the busy mom, wife, business woman, etc.


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Chemical Peel

Re|Discover Aesthetics offers a comprehensive menu of VI Peels that target an array of skin conditions such as acne & acne scarring, fine lines & wrinkles, sun damage, & excessive oil production. By removing your dead skin layer, you will reveal a healthier, smoother, & clearer layer of skin; and also, your skincare products will be able to penetrate deeper allowing for maximum effects.


Schedule 3 VI Peel’s  –> Receive a complimentary VI Derm medical grade skincare kit 

Before & After

microneedling vs chemical peel before afters la rediscover aesthetic                         microneedling vs chemical peel images la rediscover aesthetic                        microneedling vs chemical peelg la rediscover aesthetic


microneedling vs chemical peel la rediscover aesthetic


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