PDO Thread Lift in Madisonville, Louisiana

PDO Thread Lift in Madisonville, Louisiana

The PDO Thread Lift is a groundbreaking medical aesthetic treatment that leverages PDO threads, a trusted tool used in various clinical applications for decades. This versatile treatment can be applied to any area of the face, effectively managing wrinkles, lines, and sagging skin, resulting in natural rejuvenation.

The Results:

  • Instant skin lifting
  • Fat tissue contraction for skin tightening
  • Promotion of collagen production
  • Stimulation of neovascularization for cellular-level skin renewal
  • Enhanced skin texture, reduced lines and wrinkles, and increased elastin

Types of PDO Threads

There are various types of PDO threads, each with its own specific purpose. The choice of PDO thread is crucial, and at ReDiscover Aesthetics in Madisonville, Louisiana, our experienced professionals determine the most suitable thread based on your aesthetic goals, considering factors like tensile strength, efficacy, quality, and cost of treatment. In addition to PDO Lifting threads, we also offer PDO Smooth threads, which are gaining popularity. Smooth threads can be used to address issues like crepey skin around the eyes, necklines, the elevens between the brows, and even to enhance lip structure and definition. They can effectively replace a lip flip treatment due to their safety and superior results. This procedure is completely safe, with FDA approval for both safety and efficiency. Reports confirm hundreds of thousands of successful treatments with no allergic reactions, thread sensitivities, or significant side effects.

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PDO threads effectively treat various areas of the face, including eye wrinkles, cheeks, under-eye areas, smile lines, mouth lines, neck, jowls, and the jawline.

Optimal skin rejuvenation occurs one to two months after the treatment.

The threads are completely absorbed and dissolve within nine months post-treatment.

Tender skin may be experienced briefly after the procedure, offering remarkable rejuvenation in Madisonville, Louisiana.

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