WE HAVE NEWS! RE|Discover Aesthetics is moving!

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WE HAVE NEWS! RE|Discover Aesthetics is moving!

Cameo Boutique has been our home from the very beginning. We are so incredibly thankful for their friendship and generosity over the past year. As we ReDiscover Aesthetics continues to grow and expand, we are thrilled to announce our partnership with Franco’s Health Club & The O Spa in Mandeville! Starting May 1st, all of our operations will be based in the best fitness center on the Northshore!

Naturally, we have to have a party!

We will have a “Grand Reveal” Celebration on Thursday, April 28th 2022 from 4-8PM. We will be celebrating with you all along with representatives and professionals from our fantastic vendors. We will have giveaways (like a YEAR of Xeomin for FREE!), Food and Drinks, mini-consultations and one-day-only pricing on packages, VIP memberships and gift certificates. Come Celebrate with us!

Preventative Treatments

My new favorite saying lately is “We’re all running laps around the sun”.

Hi all! It’s Arden here. I tell anyone who will listen (especially when Katherine can hear me) that “I married up”. And I mean it! Katherine is beautiful inside and out, and she still gets asked for identification when ordering her Piña Colada at dinner. Even after 2 biological children and the stress of being married to me–that’s saying something!

She is, of course, a patient in her own clinic.

Preventative aesthetics is becoming more and more popular as clients immerse themselves in self-care. While genetics do play a role in how you will age, there are many things one can do in order to maximize those genes and stay looking the most young and youthful you .

Neurotoxin injections have been proven to maintain a youthful appearance after repeated injections. UCLA published a study in 2006 after following a set of twins for 13 years. one twin received neurotoxin injections 2-3 times per year over that timeframe, while the other twin got injected only twice.

The results are profound!

twins image we have newsrediscover aesthetics is moving                          twins we have news rediscover aesthetics is moving


The twin on the left has noticeable static lines about the forehead, crow’s feet and lower face. One could argue that her pore size is larger. The twin on the right has an obviously more youthful appearance.

Additionally, the side picture shows the long term effects of neurotoxin injections. Would you believe me if I told you the twin on the right had her last injection 4 months prior to this photo being taken? Her methodical use of neurotoxin has decreased the potential development of static lines as well. We know that prolonged use of these toxins will cause a bit of atrophy in the muscle (not a bad thing!). In this case, the decreased pull over the years has softened the static lines as compared to her sister.

This “maintenance” work has kept this patient with a more youthful canvas over time. I hope this excited you! Combined with collagen-stimulating services including chemical peels, microneedling treatments, laser treatments (ehem ehem… something is coming!) and even some fillers, you, too, can take your laps around the sun a bit more slowly.

Preventative Treatments Include:


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