What Is Laser Genesis Treatment?

What Is Laser Genesis Treatment

Are you sick and tired of your enlarged pores, acne, and the scars that acne leaves behind? Are you close to giving up on your attempt to find a skincare product that works by purchasing it over the counter? It is time to try a laser therapy that doesn’t need cutting or stitching, like laser genesis.

Treating acne, acne scars, the visible effects of aging, and other skin flaws with Laser Genesis is a safe and effective option.

Famous people and social media influencers have spoken publicly about their acne problems; many have turned to laser genesis for help. Inquiring minds want to know the advantages of laser genesis treatment. You can find them on the list we made for you! Continue reading to learn more about this revitalizing treatment!

What Is Laser Genesis?

The laser resurfacing method known as “Laser Genesis” can revitalize the skin. New, healthy skin cells are prompted to form as a result of this treatment, which takes advantage of the rejuvenating effects of light radiation.

Both men and women can benefit from this treatment, and it works on all skin types. Many people are pleased with the outcomes of Laser Genesis treatments, and the procedure is considered safe for people of all races.

Although Laser Genesis has been available since 2009, 2018 saw its breakthrough into the mainstream. Kim Kardashian’s endorsement helped boost sales after she used the product on her face after giving birth to her third child in 2016.

A qualified medical expert can do this procedure in under one hour. Once the treatment is done, there is no need for a lengthy recovery.

How It Works?

You may be wondering how exactly laser treatments enhance skin quality and delay the onset of aging. To revitalize your skin by using heat seems counterintuitive. Although common sense would suggest such is the case, it is not always correct. With today’s laser technologies, we can precisely heat only the parts and layers of skin we need without harming the surrounding tissue.

Since more businesses are incorporating laser technologies into their products and services, the use of lasers in the beauty industry is only likely to increase.

Here’s how laser genesis works:

Laser skin resurfacing method
The laser resurfacing method can eliminate acne scars and other skin discolorations. It’s a treatment in which the outer layer of skin is removed with a laser to prompt the growth of new skin.

This method, which has been around for decades and successfully treats facial scars and pigmentation issues, is nothing new.

Fractional CO2 laser or CO2 laser resurfacing are other names for the laser resurfacing method used in various regions. In this technique, an intense laser is used to remove the outer layer of skin, prompting the body to generate replacement cells.

How is it different?
Scars, enlarged pores, and redness can all be reduced with laser technology, and the procedure is entirely risk-free. Laser Genesis is a non-ablative skin therapy since it uses mild heat to stimulate collagen production while leaving the surrounding tissue unharmed. We’ll make sure you’re secure and sound while we treat you. Each treatment will give you natural, long-lasting results with no bruising or skin discomfort. We won’t be utilizing any gels, creams, or general or local anesthetic, so you can sit back and relax as we go about the operation.

Benefits Of Laser GenesisNon-invasive and non-ablative, Laser Genesis effectively treats blemishes, including acne and acne scars, age spots, and enlarged pores. It’s not just for the face; it also helps the neck, back, and everywhere.

Laser Genesis’s laser heat effectively kills bacteria on the skin’s surface and deeper beneath the dermis. Collagen production is boosted as well. Acne will clear up, scars will fade, and wrinkles and creases will look less pronounced.

Here are some additional benefits you can enjoy:

Reverses sun damage
Ample time in the sun reduces melanin formation and causes the skin to become less elastic. The sun’s ultraviolet (UV) rays cause premature aging by harming skin cells deep within the skin’s dermis layer.

Collagen and elastin production declines due to cell damage, which is why damaged skin seems older and more wrinkled than it is.

Damage from the sun can be undone through laser genesis procedures. The laser helps your skin produce new cells deep inside its layers. Due to these brand-new cells, your skin’s health, suppleness, and youthful appearance will all improve.
Renews your skin tone and texture
Uneven skin tone and texture are caused by sun damage, pigmentation, and other skin disorders. A more uniform complexion and texture can be yours after a few sessions of laser genesis treatment.

Decreases scar formation
You are perfect for laser genesis if your acne has yet to respond to other treatments. Acne, acne scars, rosacea, and future breakout prevention can all benefit from this treatment.

Scars from surgery, trauma or burns can all be diminished by laser genesis, in addition to those left by acne.
Diminishes the impression of fine lines and wrinkles
Laser procedures like laser genesis make it possible to eliminate wrinkles and fine lines for good.

The lasers can repair deep wrinkles and “expression lines” because they can penetrate the deeper layers of skin. The treatment can help mend superficial wrinkles and prevent deeper ones from forming.
Tightens your pores
Skin collagen production declines with aging. Sagging and wrinkles become more apparent.

Laser genesis is a process used to rejuvenate the skin by increasing collagen formation, decreasing pore size and uneven texture, and the visible effects of aging.

Get Your Laser Genesis Treatment Today!

Laser Genesis treatment is non-invasive, fast, and causes no recovery time. Get in touch with Rediscover Aesthetics if you consider getting the procedure done. Our services will help you attain your desired cosmetic results in a safe and non-obtrusive manner.

Everyone at ReDiscover Aesthetics is invested in your success, from our injectors to our accountants. The outcomes we deliver for our clients are a direct result of our team members’ mutual encouragement and support. Numerous hours are devoted to learning cutting-edge skills and methods. You will only get the most advanced, risk-free, and efficient care from us.


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