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2022 is quickly approaching, so let’s start setting some “self care” goals. Beautiful, healthy skin starts below the surface. Regularly doing a chemical peel &/or microneedling, coupled with using medical grade skincare at home, will jumpstart your skin to become its healthiest version. Neurotoxin & Fillers are another great way to improve fine lines & wrinkles, restore lost volume, & provide structural support. So, what are you waiting for? Scroll below to schedule online.

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VI Derm packaging got an upgrade, so why not your skin?

skincare kit consist of medical grade powerhouse products that brighten, moisturize, lighten, & resurface…revealing your best skin ever!

In the AM: Vitamin C Brightening Concentrate diminishes the look of dark spots, defends against skin-aging free radical damage, and diffuses discoloration. Retinol Age-Defying Treatment Moisturizer clears away dulling skin cells, free radicals, and discoloration while creating a pathway for optimal Retinol absorption to repair cells and stimulate new collagen formation.

In the PM: Retinoic Serum 0.1% speeds results on wrinkles and rough texture while revealing radiant, more vibrant skin. Skin Lightening Complex 4% Hydroquinone stops excessive pigment at the source (the cellular level) while gentle retinol blend encourages cell turnover to speed surface renewal.

Complement the system with Gentle Purifying Cleanser and SPF.

Gentle Purifying Cleanser: So much more than your average cleanser, this antioxidant-boosted face wash gently frees skin of oil and debris to prep skin for optimal absorption of treatments that follow. Aloe Vera softens, hydrates, and soothes as Willow Bark buffs away pore-clogging dead skin cells. Antioxidant Vitamin E treats your skin to softening and smoothing benefits.

SPF 50 Broad Spectrum: Our lightweight SPF blends chemical sunscreen filters with physical UV blockers for broad-spectrum defense against skin’s #1 ager: UV light. Best of all, it has a sheer, comfortable finish that’s so lightweight, you’ll want to wear it daily. Our super-hydrating botanical blend of Aloe, Pueraria Lobata Root and Chamomile helps keep inflammation at bay, while antioxidant green tea reverses pre-existing sun damage.

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Why everyone could use a little filler…

As you age, your skin progressively loses collagen, elastin,  & hyaluronic acid. This causes:

  • Thinner, drier skin
  • Skin more likely to sag & wrinkle

Your fat pads also start to migrate. Some areas like your forehead & cheeks lose fat, which causes volume loss. And, some areas like your mouth & jawline gain fat, which causes sagging skin.

Your bone structure also changes as you age. With the loss of structural support of bone, you may start to see:

  • Hollow eyes
  • Softened jawline
  • Less defined cheekbones

Using fillers to replace lost volume can help restore a more youthful appearance. Some fillers contain hyaluronic acid derivatives, which attract water to the area of injection. This gives the skin a more hydrated & healthy appearance. It also fills in fine lines & deeper skin folds by adding volume that has been lost during the aging process.

Other fillers contain calcium hydroxylapatite, which stimulate collagen production. This gives the skin a smoother & tighter appearance. Collagen stimulators treat the underlying cause of aging- the loss of collagen, while also providing a structural framework to support hyaluronic acid & elastin.

The bottom line…

You lose about 1% of collagen every year starting around age 21. This starts the cascade of fat pad migration, bone loss, & skin changes. So, “everyone could use a little filler”.

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“Such a wonderful experience for a newbie to all things skincare. They were so knowledgeable and welcoming. I had so many people complimenting me on my skin that it was worth every penny! Definitely will be scheduling another appointment ASAP!”

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