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What treatments should I consider? What do I need done? There’s so much information out there, I don’t know where to start!

Aesthetic medicine is an incredibly unique medical specialty. One of my personal favorite aspects of aesthetics is the fact that it combines science and art. It takes a smart injector, a great team and a great eye for beauty to get patients the superior results they’re looking for. It’s a challenge, and I wouldn’t want it any other way!

No two patients are the same, and as much as you like that cool procedure on Instagram, it might not be the best service for you. So how do we decide what treatment and service goes with which patient? Here’s a rundown on what I tell patients when we sit down for a consultation:

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First and foremost, each patient gets an individual treatment plan during our first consultation. I get to evaluate you as a person–how you smile, how you express yourself and how you move your face. I also get to evaluate how the aging process has affected you personally. This, coupled with listening to your unique needs and wants, gives me plenty of information to move forward with recommendations.

I like to explain to patients that we have 2 distinct approaches to aesthetic treatments:

    • We can treat the Skin structure
    • We can augment the facial structure

To treat skin texture (like red or brown spots, fine lines & wrinkles, scars etc), I recommend approaching it from every side–using all the tools we have at Rediscover Aesthetics to our advantage. Microneedling treatments create small channels into the skin (basically a tiny injury) which tells the body to turn on the healing factors and help restore the “injury”. If we use an add on treatment like Natural Growth Factor Injections Microneedling, we bring the healing chemicals, growth factors and white blood cells directly to the area we need treated for a huge benefit.

Chemical peels also help the skin texture by literally peeling the superficial layer of skin. The compound chemical peel we use is painless throughout the application. Your skin starts to peel in about 3 days; it resembles a peel from a sunburn, but the result after the peel is a beautiful glow, a thickened appearance and less blemishes. Combining the two treatments in a package deliver amazing results-leaving your skin smooth and consistent.

The goal is to get you comfortable leaving the house without makeup (but you better have your sunscreen on!)

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We also recommend specific laser treatments to drastically improve the appearance of your skin. Our laser, Xeo, treats all skin types, offers no downtime treatments and is pain-free!

Xeo also has the ability to perform treatments like laser hair removal and spider vein removal. We will discuss all things laser in another post :).

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Further discussing the skin texture, we will likely also discuss a (Skin structure) and skincare regimen to include products from ZO or NeoCutis. What you do at home to your skin is just as important (Arguably more important!) than what we do to your skin in clinic. After all, if you’re making the investment to clear up your skin in clinic, don’t use subpar products outside the clinic! Protect your investment with good quality skincare products.

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