What It’s Like To Get A Chemical Peel For Acne Scars?

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Acne themselves is trouble enough, but what’s worst is the scars they leave behind. While acne scars are annoying, you can live with them, and many do. But if you have the option to remove them, wouldn’t you want them gone for good? That’s why more and more people are pivoting to chemical peels as a solution.

Despite its ominous-sounding name—chemical and peel aren’t precisely what you want to put in your face—chemical peels are one of the most-used non-invasive treatments that can help deal with various skin blemishes. It will only take a few minutes in clinics and med spas, and you can say goodbye to many skin blemishes that trouble you.

For this article, I will relate my experience of chemical peels to get rid of acne scars. Like me, I understand that many have experienced trouble with acne scars and would want to find a solution that can help address it. That way, you can better expect what it’s like to experience chemical peels and forever say goodbye to your acne scar problems.

Why I Wanted A Chemical Peel?

I was always conscious of my acne breakouts, and as if they weren’t bad enough, they left plenty of scars behind. Acne scars appear as if my face is filled with craters, like the moon’s surface, making me self-conscious. I tried many at-home concoctions and skincare products, and while it does help a bit, they were nowhere near removing most of the acne scars.

My main gripe about acne scars is their permanence—no matter how much time passes, they aren’t disappearing! Am I supposed to live with them when my genetics say I am prone to acne breakouts? Kudos to those that can—more power to you—but I don’t want that.

Plus, even if I have another acne breakout in the future, wouldn’t that mean I should expect another set of acne scars? I am doing all I can to prevent acne breakouts, such as washing my face frequently and trying out all sorts of skincare products, but even that many prevention methods only delay the inevitable. So I was determined to get rid of them, somehow.

Then I started researching ways to tackle these issues, and I stumbled on many cosmetic treatments that can help tackle acne scars, but they tend to be quite pricey. Finally, I encountered what seems to be the best solution for my acne scars that fits my current budget, which is chemical peels.

Quick Chemical Peel Overview

Chemical peels are often marketed as a quick and cheap approach to solving many skin blemishes issues and rejuvenating the skin. And one of the core features that is often promoted is removing acne scars permanently.

This treatment works by applying a chemical, acidic agent onto your facial skin. Chemical peels formula can differ from each other depending on the composition of the solution, and it may contain enzymes, acids, and other chemical agents. While they may be different, their over-arching purpose remains the same: to remove dead skin cells and stimulate new cell growth.

My Chemical Peel Experience

After struggling with acne breakouts for so long, it left my facial skin battered with large pores and acne scars. I became determined now more than ever to get a chemical peel and save myself the trouble of this issue. The only thing left for me was finding the right provider to do the job, which I did through ReDiscover Aesthetics.

My provider then recommended me a chemical peel solution specifically to help tackle acne scars. The ingredients in this chemical peel help peel off the uppermost layer of the skin, where dead skin cells and other debris settle. Once removed, it reveals new and fresh skin cells, improving skin tone and texture.

For acne-prone skin, chemical peels can help prevent future acne breakouts by removing the gunk that clogs your pores and smoothing out the texture of your acne scars since the outermost skin layer is removed and replaced with a new skin later. Chemical peels will also help fade dark spots that are caused by acne.

Chemical Peel Procedure

When the day of the appointment finally arrived, I was pretty excited and, at the same time, nervous. The idea of your skin getting peeled doesn’t necessarily excite me as much. But as long as acne scars are gone, the treatment should be worth it.

But before proceeding with the first step, my provider asked me to remove my makeup so that it won’t interfere with the chemical peel action. Then we finally started the first step by applying a prepping solution to my skin, acetone, to clean the skin entirely for consistent results later on during the chemical peel. The acetone smells like a nail polisher and doesn’t burn.

Next, the chemical peel solution is applied with a quick one-pass throughout the facial skin. When initially applied, there isn’t a burning sensation yet, but after a few seconds, the stinging, burning sensation finally creeps in. That was the first pass, and my face was getting red and frosting already.

My provider then assured me that was normal and proceeded with more passes of chemical peel solution, but the stinging, burning sensation wasn’t as bad this time. You’re done after a few more passes and a few minutes of settling down! It’s that quick and easy but somewhat painful.


Now that the procedure was done, I was given a post-care kit with some instructions on using them. I was also specifically told to avoid direct sun exposure since the skin is quite sensitive after losing a skin layer. I followed the instructions carefully for the next few days to help my skin recover.

Peeling happened all over my face, but my provider assured me that it was expected since those are the dead skin layer peeling off. After nine days, the peeling finally subsided, revealing a new fresher skin free from acne scars!


Acne scars are unwanted permanent features, but you can deal with them as I did through chemical peels. If you are interested in the treatment, I highly recommend contacting ReDiscover Aesthetics clinic. Their staff was very accommodating and offered other treatments that helped tackle other skin blemishes issues.


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